Our land and soil has been depleted and therefore our food and what we feed our animals cannot sustain our need for minerals on it's own. Enter CellAide - Ionic plant-based minerals providing the essential minerals required by our bodies.

The Importance of Ionic Minerals

CellAide contains all 72 minerals naturally ionized in order to be fully absorbed

*How Important Are Ionic Minerals?
Your body uses ionic and trace minerals to operate and produce billions of minute electrical impulses daily. Your heart and all other muscles could not contract without these impulses. The cells wouldn’t be capable of using osmosis to balance your water force and absorb nutrients, and your brain wouldn’t function.

Ionic supplements or other supplements containing ionic minerals can aid trace mineral complex and guarantee you get the required nutrients and electrolytes your body needs.

The small intestine is where minerals are absorbed most frequently. They are absorbed into the bloodstream through the villi’s intestinal walls as food passes through the intestines.

While looking to purchase a supplement, it is important to ensure it already has naturally ionized minerals to be absorbed entirely, even though stomach acid aids in ionizing the elements in food

*Source: Well Being magazine August 2022